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Meth Cleaning Steps

Meth Testing Inspection

We can efficiently identify and decontaminate properties used as meth labs, and used for methamphetamine use. Through the use of a quick result testing kit, we can identify the presence of methamphetamine contamination. If identification of degree of contamination is required, we have our lab analysis testing lab at our facility and can provide a test report in 24 to 48 hours.

Creation of Scope

In many cases, a meth testing report has already occurred by a third party. In which case, we can use this report to create a scope for remediation of the property. In many cases, we can do this without an onsite inspection.

The Decontamination

Meth in its natural state is a solid. Throughout the smoking process it becomes a gas and turns back into a solid once it cools on the surface. Methamphetamine before it is consumed, starts as a solid. Once smoked, it changes into a gas. Once it cooled down, it rests onto surfaces and turns back into a solid.

Once we removed all the porous contents (carpets, curtains, soft contents) which cannot be cleaned properly, we use a prep wash to do an initial clean to the building. Once this is completed, we use a foaming solution to remove any remainder methamphetamine contamination.

We use 3 steps in a cleaning process:


Through the application of a foaming solution, we loosen the meth residue, priming it for removal.

Solution dwell time

Once the foaming solution is applied, we leave the solution to sit for a period of time, ensuring that it penetrates all surfaces properly. Even walls that have been painted over after meth use can be cleaned if the foaming solution has been left on long enough to penetrate.

Chemical reaction

Once the solution has been dwelling a sufficient amount of time, the meth contamination can then be easily rinsed and extracted off the surface and disposed of offsite.

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