Also known as speed, meth and ice, Meth labs are commonly found in rental properties. They are also found in regional areas, vacant land and sheds. While the police would generally remove all of the chemicals and equipment, meth residue on surfaces still remain. This can cause adverse negative health effects on the unsuspecting victims who may occupy the property long after the meth lab has been removed.

Under Australian law, It is the responsibility of the owner of the property to ensure it is safe to occupy after the meth lab has been discovered. Unfortunately, this can prevent the property from being rented out or sold, not to mention any penalties for not complying with laws. The owner of the property must undertake a site assessment, decontaminate and remove any hazardous chemical and have post-remediation samples taken to ensure all methamphetamine chemicals have been removed.

Your Confidentiality and discretion is assured. Our vans do not have any “Meth Cleaning” sign-writing on them.

Health Risks of Meth Labs

A person who lives in a meth house that has not been effectively decontaminated can be affected by the residues on the surfaces of the structure. Exposure can occur through touching or swallowing contaminants as well as breathing residues once they are airborne.
Many houses which we attend to decontaminate are generally houses where meth has been smoked in. These homes are not as high risk as a property where meth production and manufacturing have taken place. Children are considered the most vulnerable to negative effects. Some health symptoms of meth residue exposure include:

  • Irritation of skin
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Throat problems
  • Shortness of breath, coughing and sneezing
  • Decrease in mental capabilities
  • Burning or watering eyes

Why use a qualified professional for Meth Clean Up

There were 575 discovered meth labs in Australia according to the “Illicit Drug data report 2015-2016.” Over 234 of these were detected in Queensland. From the point of view of the property owner, landlord or property manager, it is useful to know some of the telltale signs of a meth lab at the property:

  • Mandy and frequent visitors at all times of the day
  • Late-night activity
  • Windows that are blacked out
  • Odd behavior from tenants in the property
  • Occupants only smoke outside and not inside the property
  • Chemical smells from shed, garage or from inside the house or from the bins
  • Coffee filters or sheets with red staining
  • Strong odour inside the properties
  • Glassware, hoses and portable heating equipment inside the property
  • Chemical bottles in the exterior of the property (Acetone, Paint thinner, drain cleaner)
  • LPG pressurized tanks, Hydrogen peroxide Batteries in waste bins
  • Burns to benches and drains
  • Staining to floors and walls

Staining to floors and walls

A complex understanding of the remediation process is required to effectively clean up a meth lab affected the property. Attempting to clean a meth lab is dangerous without knowing the correct cleaning techniques and awareness of chemical handling.

NLR has been decontaminating properties since 2002 and we have an efficient and cost-effective cleanup method that can pass the post remedial verification testing to Australian guidelines.


  • IICRC fully certified technicians
  • All Laboratory analysis done in a NATA approved lab
  • Deacon Systems certified in Meth Testing and Meth decontamination
  • Complete SWMS Safe work Methods Supplied on all work
  • Certified waste removal copying to all Australian standards and laws


Our team includes a civil engineer and industrial hygienist as well as decades of experience in the remediation of affected properties. We have a solid understanding of following hygienist scopes and formulating Remedial Action Plans.

Meth Lab Clean up Process for Australia

(According to Australian Guidelines)

If you suspect a meth lab at your property please call the local authority (Crime Stoppers). After the chemical and lab equipment has been removed by police, the local council will be notified to contact and issue a site assessment.

After the owner has been notified by the council, a preliminary assessment and meth testing can take place to determine the contamination levels. We can conduct the meth testing for you and provide a scope and remediation action plan. If the results exceed 0.5 micrograms per 100 square centimeters, then remediation would need to take place.

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