These tests are proven to work and are produced in Germany by a reputable company. The brand meth test kit is used are used by professional remediators throughout Australia and New Zealand. They are one of the most trusted kits in Australia.

A Cost-Effective Option

Before committing to a meth testing inspection, it may be worth investing in an instant test kit first to determine contamination. If confirmed positive we can progress to having a meth test inspection.

Advantages of Our Test Kits

  • User-Friendly – Easier to use than competing products
  • Safe to use without any hazardous chemicals
  • Cross-contamination risk is reduced since each sample has its own buffer and dropper solution
  • Extremely sensitive, can detect very low levels
  • The test cannot be fooled with cleaning solutions

Contents of Kit

  • 2 Cotton Swabs
  • 2 Buffer Solution Dropper
  • 2 Templates (for placing on wall to ensure 10cm x 10cm test)
  • Instruction Sheet and advice on what to do next if meth tested positive

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